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After having started a YouTube channel years ago, I realized it just wasn't the timing of the Lord to go forth with that part of my ministry.  I knew the importance of consistency, and my first ministry was to my family, which exhausted all of my time and energy, along with an established business, Tiffany's Loc Jewels.  Well, finally I'm back into it, though the Lord still seeks to use me primarily as a writer.  Being creative, or shall I say, allowing the Lord to flow through me creatively, is what brings the most fulfillment of all, and people being blessed by the things I've created.  My main goal is to use the talents He has given me so that I can one day return to Him with multiplication and not having buried my talent in the ground.

Even though there is a season for everything, I felt a holy fear come over me this last year, and a nudge from Him to begin this ministry without interruption.  My children are now in college, "mini-adults" and I have a great deal more freedom than before.  Nonetheless, my first order of business is to pursue Him and spend as much time with Him and His word as I can, and then everything else is an outflow from there.  I am honored the Lord has chosen me and I just hope I can bear fruit that remains, for His kingdom and one day return to Him and hear Him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant, Tiffany.  Enter in to the joy of the Lord".

You can find me on YouTube by searching this name or click the links through the YouTube page under MEDIA.  Thank you for stopping by, and may you be blessed!

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