Tiffany Parr was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she served the local church in areas of praise and worship, communion, teaching bible classes, and dance ministry.  During her college years, she began to have a deepening hunger for the Word of God. She studied at Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries to establish a foundation for future ministry.   Over the years, she was taught by the Holy Spirit, gleaned from key ministries and have mentors providing her accountability. She is the mother of two college-age children and has worked as a Registered Occupational Therapist (OTR) in a skilled nursing unit since 2005.  She obtained her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Pittsburgh, and her undergraduate degree (B.A. in Psychology) from Chatham College. She is currently matriculating back at GWWM to finish her ministry education. It is her passion to share her faith using her creativity and the myriad of gifts the Lord has given to her. She is the owner and designer of Tiffany’s Bible Jewels, where she sells bookmarks made specifically for bibles and shares her passion for bible journaling. She flows in a prophetic anointing, word of wisdom as well as writing poetry/short stories and teaching the Word of God.  Fresh Manna with Tiffany was born after a burden to share with others all that God has deposited in her spirit over the years, to sow seeds by edification, exhortation and teaching for the body of Christ. She was publicly confirmed in the ministry of Prophetess by Pastor Detrius Louis of the Unity Church of Dallas on September 19, 2020. In 2022, she was a Certified Forerunner under the authority of Daniel Adams of The Supernatural Life Ministry.  Now she attends UpperRoom Church in Dallas.   Her foremost desire is to win souls for the kingdom and inspire disciples to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas.