The Lord gave a revelation (Word received: August 6, 2023) as to why the anointing was waning in the church, and among many brethren/sisters.  He said many are operating in their office as “a Saul” and Samson, but haven’t detected that the anointing has left them.  He wasn’t referring to your gift, for gifts are without repentance.  He’s referring to the presence of God being with you, overshadowing you, presiding over you, where His approval is known and prevalent. His presence convicts you first, the minister, and then the people. By His instruction your sword is sharpened, and the dullness fades away.
Scripture Ref: Judges 16, 1 Samuel
Wane- Oxford Dictionary (especially of a condition or feeling) decrease in vigor, power, or extent; become weaker.
(Miriam Webster) to decrease in size, extent, or degree : DWINDLE: such as
: to diminish in phase or intensity  —used chiefly of the moon, other satellites, and inferior planets
: to become less brilliant or powerful : DIM
: to flow out : EBB
: to fall gradually from power, prosperity, or influence
Though many are claiming the promise that He is behind and before them, it is no longer true because the person is living out a deception, a delusion unto themselves. (James 1)
They must come back to the Father and repent while there is still time to get right and have a flourishing ministry.  One that bears fruit.
Some have not experienced My presence and think they have.  They haven’t established a precedent. Where there are many who are fully aware that My presence has gone, yet because the money is flowing in and blessings, they keep going on their way, not cognizant that the spirit has left them. Their hearts have become callous because they are now serving another god. The god of mammon. 
  1. You have put other gods before God.  You have not set God, Jehovah, the Lord God  as your priority 
Go back and do the first works, for you have lost your first love.
     2. You have esteemed other things as greater than God in your heart. You have set other things before God and now there is a space between you.
Many it will take days to get out of the flesh, some weeks, some months. 
It will be like losing a genuine weight. It will come gradually. You cannot fast your way back to speed up the process. Over time, during a season of proving, reproving, chastening, pruning of dead leaves, removal of rotten fruit, dead works (like Samson’s hair growing back over time)
It will come back. Saith the Lord …. 
Forgiveness is instant but anointing will take time. Some have never walked in the anointing and do not understand it at all. They still need to walk w Me to allow it to flow for first time.
3. They have hewn for themselves broken cisterns that can hold no water.  They have sought to build things in their own strength, only to find that they’ve put money in a bag with holes in it.
  They’ve trusted in themselves and their own ingenuity and stopped depending upon God.  Some no longer even give Him glory.
4. Viewed uncleanness.  Partaking of the table of devils and table of God. There’s a mixture. Many entertaining evil, murders, immorality, and enjoying things that God hates. 
You are in danger of: Lukewarmness & spewing out of his mouth
5. Evil speaking and hypocrisy, unruly tongue
Many speak carnal things in jest, sarcasm, speak against their neighbor, putting them down.
James 4 tongue is unruly evil speaking hypocrisy speaking sensual wisdom 
Not wisdom from above.
6. 😡Hating what God hates and 😍loving what God loves.
 Psalm 119
You’ve unknowingly and knowingly come into agreement with these idols. God is asking today with whom do you stand??!!!

Are you with God or Baal? 
Ichabod- The glory of God has departed.
1 Samuel 4
It’s Ichabod the glory of God has departed, the ark of the covenant has been removed and no one is mourning over it!
We must Consider our ways!
Jesus Himself was grieved in His heart over Jerusalem! He was angry that His Father’s house had been used for merchandising, and turned the tables over.
They have become clouds without water, danger of being castaways, some are castaways. Some faith has already been shipwrecked, castaway.
Bottomline: Repent
We must repent while there is still time.  There may not be an opportunity to repent.  
Grant opp to repent. No guarantee. 
2 Timothy 2:25 NASB
-with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition, if perhaps God may grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of the truth,
Judgment begins at the house of God….stricter judgment for the elders. Remove the callous scales from your heart. 
Remember Eli’s house! There was no old man in that line and all sons were cut off before they reached old age.

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