As the days progress, men and women are gradually and swiftly departing from the norm, or what has been, in days past, and are now entering into a season where more and more blending of genders, gender roles even in fashion design are coming into fruition.  There is more emphasis placed on androgynous fashion, unisex, genderless, gender-neutral, and non-binary focus, and less on the dichotomy of designs for a man and a woman.

Due to this, the Christian church will look to depart from worldly standards and societal pressures to conform, and look to create their own fashion houses, and/or small businesses where they will create garments for those looking for distinction in gender. 

Though we can find male and female specific clothing now, as the church gravitates more into holiness, the Lord has revealed that many will decline wearing garments created by fashion designers with this focus on purpose.  In an effort to separate completely from the world and its standard, Christians will plan to financially support designers who emphasize a distinction.

Isaiah 35:8 New King James Version (NKJV)
A highway shall be there, and a road, And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, But it shall be for others. Whoever walks the road, although a fool, Shall not go astray.

Holiness will be more of a “standard of the day” for the average Christian, however it will not come off legalistic or follow the previous “holiness clothing” history, where women wore no makeup, long dresses, no jewelry. Holiness is defined as being set apart for God’s use.  He says, “Be ye holy for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16)


Holy-Dedicated or consecrated to God for His purpose, sacred.

The upcoming Holy Fashion will first have its origin from the minds of the seed of Abraham/children of God and therefore produced with the assurance that the whole line will be holy.  This fashion will be stylish, creative, desirable to wear, with some designers adding their signature flair.  This will be quite a feat for the body of Christ.  Just in wearing Holy Fashion, there will be a distinction from those who love God and those who appear not to.  Due to the extreme cultural influence to conform, and the vast departure from previously worn clothing for women/men, those wearing these clothes will be easily identified as “people of God”, just like when Peter was identified by the woman as his speech betrayed him as he denied Christ, after His crucifixion.  

Isaiah 37:31 New Living Translation (NLT)
And you who are left in Judah, who have escaped the ravages of the siege, will put roots down in your own soil and grow up and flourish.


As darkness surrounds us even more, on a daily basis, the Lord revealed, “There will come a day when My people will no longer wear red”.  He showed me that as the kingdom of darkness charges on, they will embody the color red, every evil thing will have the color red attached to it, so much so that the body of Christ will abandon wearing red, just as we can no longer use God’s rainbow.

As holiness prevails, and many come out from among them, many will not want anything associated with the enemy’s camp.  Like the scriptures says, “hating the clothing even stained by the flesh” (Jude 23) We will come to hate the clothing associated with the enemy, evil, demonic agendas and more.  The onslaught of the devil’s world will be infiltrated with red, and God’s kingdom will want nothing to do with it.

They will also abandon any jewelry associated with the occult.  Any symbols known, or suspected, they will abandon it. As we have been sifted, God will have His witness in the earth.  He will have His people of distinction. 

The bride has prepared herself and made herself ready!

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.”
(Revelation 19:7) NASB

There are a host of anti-christ and occultic symbols which are a part of society which we do not realize we are wearing.  These symbols are part and parcel of almost every fashion designers store and/or collection in this day and age. Some are listed below.

Slowly there has been a breach against God’s law in mixing patterns, textures with occultic tones emanated throughout clothing and jewelry.  A foul spirit.  Even if you can not pin-point it, there should arise a check in your spirit that these are not of God.  Even if you do not know exactly, there are several types of jewelry that hold hidden meaning and submit their authority to another god. Even charms and graven images of other gods.  These are against God’s word and Christians should not be found wearing any of this.  Though we are not under the law, we still need to be AWARE of what is of God and what is not.  The Word said avoid even the appearance of evil. Light does not mix with darkness.

Though we are no longer under the law, the law of the spirit is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and He will convict you as to what is not of Him, and what jewelry needs to be discarded.  Take some time to cleanse your closet.


There is a popular style out there now which, some not all, holds allegiance to another spirit which we may not be aware of.  It is the Bohemian spirit.  All over you’ll see boho clothing, furniture styles, jewelry and it goes on.  The origin of this spirit is a wandering spirit which is linked to the curse placed upon Cain in Genesis 4:11-16.  It is a vagabond spirit. A vagabond wanders.  We are not of this spirit.  You see, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the more we push towards holiness in the church, the more the Holy Spirit will shine light on all things which are not His.  Bohemian origins were synonymous with an unconventional life, one of the Roma people who wander, consider themselves gypsies, having a nomadic, free, itinerant way of life.  They travel place to place without a home or job. They have no settled home.  There is only one group of people from God who were ordained to live this way from a commandment, and they were the Rechabites.  This bohemian look is one where you’ll decide for yourself under the guidance of the Holy Spirit at the time.  He will give you peace on what is permitted to wear.  Though we have liberty in Him, not all things are permissible. 


Lastly, the beauty of holiness fashion is soon upon us.  This will be distinctive, desirable and beautiful.  This will exude a style that becometh the saints of God.  It will be very appealing and compelling to purchase, and it will not be bland or dull.  People will know it’s “God’s Clothing” and/or originated from the heart of a Christian designer.  These designers will have the Holy Spirit within them.  God said in this prophecy that He will place a spirit of craftsmanship upon them, just as He did in the book of Exodus.

Exodus 31:3 NASB
​​And I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship,

Like I previously mentioned, it will not necessarily be long dresses, covered from head to toe, or the non-wearing of makeup, jewelry or any fine clothing, it will be a beauty and style which hold dignity, originated by designers who love God.  Some will be creating the basics you see today, and others will create a new style that display the hidden man of the heart from that meek and quiet spirit which is of great price in the sight of God.

Scripture Cross References:
1 Peter 3:1-5
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