An inspired poem by Tiffany Parr

Nothing compares to it…..nothing. You know people always talk about the relationship between a dog and its owner.  That special bond that they have with them.  The loyalty and unconditional love that they show you whether you deserve it or not.  People speak about the love between a man and a woman.  Those who are fortunate enough to reach the peak of true love may know something about it.  The wooing which draws them together, that unique bond that forms  between them, the glue that holds them together through thick and through thin.  A love that hangs in there when all others fail, and when situations around them seem to be crumbling.  But even in all of that, nothing compares to a woman and her God.  The indescribable love between the woman and her God that cannot be put into words.  It is so many things all at the same time.

She is grateful! Grateful to God because of what He knows of her.  The bible says, that he that is forgiven much loveth much.  The days He spoke to her spirit and said just the right thing to comfort her and keep her from falling.  The words of the moment she held onto because in that Word is sustenance, it is her very life!  It holds within it that seed of hope, that with time and attention, the watering of it, it will grow.  She worships because she remembered the days that she failed Him, over and over again.  The vows that she made that she would “never do this again”, or “one last time Lord,” and the grace and mercy bestowed upon her that she knows she didn’t deserve.  The words of love spoken during prayer, during the dishes, during the drive in the car, during the time in church, while doing the laundry, during her time of meditation and even in the midst of other surrounding her.  It was Him!  It was His voice which spoke into her darkness and penetrated until the light had come.  Words that would not return to Him void.  She worships because, the day she cried out to Him, He was her refuge, her resting place, her drug of choice, her sweetness of food, that thing she craved above all else.  She knew the futility of things, the vanity surrounding her, the things bombarding her from the world which says, “you must do this”, or “if you don’t do this then…”, or “you are not enough”, yet she learns of His truth which says, “you are enough, in your weakness I am your strength, in your poorness you are now rich, your sufficiency is in Me, because I AM THAT I AM”, and I now realize that I AM THAT I AM is with me.  She is no longer afraid of death because, He is the resurrection and the life!  When she slowly dies inside, or situations die around her, while dreams delay, or when her desires seem to find a resting place in the grave, she is not afraid because she knows in time, He will resurrect it.  He will perfect what concerns her.  In this, she is thankful.  Because all that she knows, that she is to trust in Him, and not man, trust in Him and not in things she owns, she knows that He and only He can bring it about.  

When her husband says no, He says yes.  So she quietly waits on God, in faith, for the change.  When her husband doesn’t satisfy, He satisfies.  When she needs strength to be what she needs to be for her husband, she relies on His strength to do it and takes that easy yoke instead of the hard one.  She pours out her life as a drink offering, only through Him.  In this grace, she remains true to him.  And she stays true to Him. In a season of unmet needs, He meets them, as she cries out. In a season of unexpected disappointment, she listens to Him and worships.

She knows that the first shall become last and the last shall be first.  That beneath her made-up exterior, He sees the bare bones and loves her anyways.  He sees her brokenness and envelops her.  He examines what’s inside her body, that no one sees or cares to see.  He sees not only the flesh, but what lingers in her mind and even her spirit.  He knows her downsitting and her uprising.  He knows her thoughts afar off.  In all these things, she worships.  In all these things, she trusts.  When she sees her insufficiencies, her failings, her strengths, her successes, she knows He makes up the difference and she knows that it was His strength through her that caused it to happen. Through His sovereignty, she reigns.  A woman and her God is no small thing.  At the communion table intaking His blood and eating His flesh, she does this in remembrance of Jesus, Lord and Master.  The relationship is an unbreakable bond.  The prayers He answered, that no one knew she prayed.  Because of this, she weeps during worship.  The blessings He bestowed when she didn’t even ask.  Because of this, she smiles with tears running.  When she lifts her hands, no one knows why she’s lifting them.  When she sings that little psalm, no one knows why she’s singing it or even what it took for her to sing out the words she’s singing.  It’s all inside of her, the bare bones, this He knows.  I AM THAT I AM, that is His name! And in all this, He is faithful.  And in all this, He loves her anyways.  And this is why she worships……….

A Woman And Her God © Written by Tiffany Parr, during a time of worship and prayer 2/22/16.


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