Shall I not bring it forth?
Shall it not sweep the land?
The Wind
The strange wind
To act
It’s strange act
Bring forth a deluge of water
Let it border the east
The west
Let it overtake the cities
Even the boroughs
The Wind of My Spirit
The Water of My Word
Let it cover the earth as a blanket
The Wind shall cause everything to shake
To shake everything that can be shaken
To shake the wicked out of their hiding places
It’s strength will pick up the dust and leave it in an ash heap
Fit for removal
And the Wind shall come and sweep up crevices of 
North, south, east, west
The four corners of the earth.
To search for a man
Search/Examine his heart and know his way
Will he allow the Wind to sweep His temple?
Will he allow the rushing Water to cover his soul?
Let the Water of the Word do its perfect work
Its glorious work
The rushing Water shall pour over him
As he seeks for a grip
It covers the cities of sin and leaves them below water
But yet it cleanses the righteous soul
That he may become holy
The Wind knocks down what’s in its path
Enveloping His people yet/while
Casting out those fit for destruction
And the Wind shall come
And the deluge not far behind even at its heels.

photo credit art Esther Eun-Joo June 

June 28, 2016 Copyright 2016 Tiffany Parr

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