O America, O America
A dullness of hearing covers your ears
and a cloak of darkness upon your eyes
Though you lift up your head for hope, you will not find it.
From tragedy to tragedy you fail to see the truth
You grope in darkness reaching for assistance
but it will be in short supply.
Pride has taken over your heart
and you look to philosophers and modern-day kings to bring guidance and understanding.
You bury your head in your futile pleasures while your neighbor slumbers and sleeps.
One goes down to Sheol, but you are neither enlightened.
While seeking acceptance and peace
defaming the will of God, it appears you proper while judgment tarries....
You sit up high, going from restaurant to restaurant, winning trophies, awards and receiving manmade recognition
Seeking anxiously to purchase the latest, exalting your multitude of gods, 
listening and watching those laden down with sins and sexual perversion.
Steadily ignoring the commandment of our God
Stomping on the pages of truth with your words of accusation and commandments you were once taught but no longer know!
Go back to the old ways, Yes I saith
Go back to the age of innocence


Let your conscience rise up, which is buried deep below the crevices     
And instead bury the pride of your heart
Let go of the boastful pride of life
Repent and set foot on holy ground
That you may be forgiven

Made righteous

Honor the one True God
And kneel down to Him with sits on His right hand
The One and Only Son, Jesus Christ, who saves
All His people from sin

Confess and repent that He is Lord
For timing is everything in this
Now is the acceptable time
Now is the time of favor
Enter into the ark of safety before He shuts the door
Yea, even before He locks it.

Though there were signs in the sky and 
Evidence in the heavenlies
Strange weather patterns
The mystery of America’s future you have not solved.
Though knowledge increase,
Truth fails
Because the pride of your heart has deceived you, 
It has replaced the reverence of the Lord
You are now blind to the truth
And you do not hear what He saith to the churches.
Call for the wailing women
That they may weep between/before the porch and the altar
Because America is in the valley of decision
They have been weighed on a scale in the balance
And have been found wanting
Judgment is nigh
To the remnant in the church, the ecclesia the called-out ones
To the ones called “the overcomers”
Give them a song in the night
A song of victory since You’ve already caused them to triumph
Give them strength to stand
Stand against the opposing army
And not bow the knee to Baal
Wearing the breastplate of righteous,
They will extinguish the flaming missiles sent by the evil one.
A prophetic poem by Tiffany Parr/Copyright 2016
June 12, 2016

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