Are you seeking knowledge or are you seeking Me? 
Open wide your eyes to the Truth that lies before you
Remove the shoes from off your feet
For where you stand is holy ground
Put the blood on your doorpost
Keep light in your dwelling
For I am coming for the faithful
Those who have made covenant with Me by sacrifice. 
Come up, higher
Rise up 
Clean your hands and purify your hearts
Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow I will do wonders among you 
Wonders yea, wonders yes
You shall be amazed
You will marvel at My glory and My mercy poured out upon you
For I am seeking the faithful
Those who make covenant with Me by sacrifice
Those who run to the holy place
Where they have made My dwelling place their refuge
Those who’ve moved with the cloud of My spirit
Those who’ve baptized themselves with Truth
Those who have repented of their sins and received the blood of the Lamb. 
I will return 
I will return
I will return to you 
To recompense what is due you
Wait I say on the Lord
Wait I say on the Lord 
Posture yourself before Me
Kneel in My presence 
For I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me 
Prostrate yourselves before Me
Declare a solemn assembly
Blow the trumpet
Call for the unity of the brethren
Fall down and worship
Yea, fall down
Yea, prostrate yourselves
Let My glory pervade the atmosphere
Let My glory be in your midst
Yes! I am among you
Yes! I am among you
To heal
To save
To snatch you out of the midst of the fire
To keep you from the shadow of death
To pick you up out of the water
To pull your feet out from the miry clay
And to set your feet upon a Rock saith God
Yea, to set your feet upon a Rock
Set your feet upon the Rock that never fails.
Commune with Me
Me with you and you with Me
Let Me take you away
For the winter is past
And the new day dawns
New mercies are poured out upon you
Receive them
Receive them. 
Repent for seeking knowledge only
For knowledge puffs up but love edifies
Come before Me, love Me
For I have loved you with an everlasting love
I love you yea, even in your inwards parts
I know your down sitting and your uprising 
And art acquainted with all your ways
And I love you
I love you, saith God
Your Father
March 4, 2020 “Come Up, Higher” Poem 2020 ⓒ Copyright by Tiffany Parr

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