May the Lord continue to strengthen the evangelists and grant them boldness to complete His work, in Jesus mighty name! Amen.



This prophetic word is for THE EVANGELIST. 

God is saying God is also going to paving the way for the evangelist. I see God opening up a way. I see these roads being placed, He's putting down cement. He's putting down cement and highways for the evangelist to drive on, to travel on and that you're going through a pilgrimage. And that as you go through this pilgrimage from place to place, city to city, some places you will be received, and some places you will be rejected, or face a lot of resistance. He said, but stay faithful. He says, don't worry how the faces appear, in other words, don’t worry about the expression on their faces. (whether they are appearing to receive or not)

The people that are appearing to receive, He said, they are receiving. And some of the times the people that look like they're receiving and in agreement with everything you're saying, are not always the one that is receiving.  He said, so just stay faithful and don't look in the natural in regard to, how people look on the outside, how people were receiving you.

He said your word is going to be stretched far even after you've left the city, there's gonna be a residue of My Word and My presence from you being there long after you've gone. He said, so stay faithful no matter what type of city you're going to or what or town. And then He said that He wants to bring divine alignment between you and, other businesses.


If you seek out, Christian businesses that have food trucks or different types of food ministries. People who are called to, Christians who are called to the ministry, but also have a calling or a talent for restaurant management and He wants to bring more food trucks to the events.

Events that you have and that to connect with them and that He wants to bring alignment between you and those ministers who walk in that service. 

And also I see more tents, and thereby new businesses arising with the name TENT MINISTRY.


They’ll be people with gifts and companies, I see very elaborate tents being made with the names of the ministers/or ministry on the tent. And these tents will be more grand than any tents in the past that have ever been made! These are gonna be the most grand tents ever! It's going to be so awesome. And, some people will even just be coming to see the tents, and to see what this is all about. And God is going to use the, even the outward appearance of the tent to bring people. 


Then I also see special air conditioners, there will be special air conditioners that will even be used that will be very quiet. I don't know if these exist already, but I just see that there is going to be a way of cooling the people and keeping people either warm or cool. (Either hot, warm or cold). And then there's gonna be companies that are gonna be creating special things just for tent ministers. And it's just gonna be an awesome, awesome business! And, granted, people are still gonna be in a church building, but he's bringing people outside of the building too in this new season with the evangelists, and it's gonna be such an awesome, awesome state! This is gonna be so, so wonderful. And so there's gonna be just a lot of new businesses arising just because of the tent ministry, just because of the revival fires that are gonna be birthed all over the country. He said to look for those. So He's looking to bring divine alignment with you evangelists to all these other ministries that have these businesses attached to them.

And so the doors will be opening for you. But He said that even though He's opening doors and He's paving a path, a path that has not been gone through before, because I see cement being laid, such as, street construction, Road work. With ROAD WORK SIGNS there.  


I see road work, angels working on the road. They are laying the cement to go through these. So what He is showing me is that you're going to be going through these paths that have never been traveled on before. That's it. Never been traveled. And because He is paving the way for you, He says that there's going to be places that you're going to go and just think, “Lord, would you have me go here?” And there's gonna be POP-UPS, more pop-ups and some things are not gonna be planned. You're just gonna stop off and just pop up and say, let's just pitch a tent here right now and have a revival. (You can see that in the Word of God).

In the book of Acts, Phillip, he went off. There are examples in the Word of God on that. So some of it is going to be already planned and some unplanned revivals, unplanned pop-ups. Some of them were even going to be 24 hours, 24 hours before you go.

He’s gonna tell you 24 hours beforehand. I want you to just go over here and start one tomorrow, right over here. And, some of them will not be very long. Some of them will be long, even 24 hours, and some of 'em not very long. This is gonna be led by the Lord, the time length of these events and just to be sensitive to Him in this season, but that He's, He is pouring out His Spirit and His power on you to heal the sick, raise the dead, minister to people needing inner healing, a lot of inner healing, and casting out devils and even some prophetic words will go forth. But primarily the gospel will go forth leading people to salvation. Words of repentance, words for the prodigals, words for the backslidden, for people to come back to the Lord and get saved. Lots of salvation, lots of coming for salvation and to get filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


Then there are also those called to baptismal ministry.  There's going to be baptismal ministries too arising, where people are going to have Baptizing ministries, that's all.

They're Baptist baptizing people, but they're gonna be connected. He wants alignment. That's their ministry period. It's just baptizing and they're gonna be assigned to various revivals and  evangelists across the country. And these people who have this ministry are just going to be outside the tent so people can get baptized straight after, and there's going to be enough of these ministries popping up that, um, you may not always have the same Baptizing ministry with you, He is going to make sure that you always have a ministry there, or you would hopefully try to have a baptizing ministry there so that after the Word is preached and people get saved, they can go over to the baptismal pool and get baptized right away.

So, I see people who have an exclusive ministry baptizing people. That is all they do. That's their ministry. Baptizing. They're not preaching a Word, they're not doing anything else. That's all they're doing is receiving the people to come up the steps, dunking them, in the name of the Father, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and sending them on their way.

This is their main thing. They'll be doing that for hundreds of people a day, for their events, I mean all day, and people with shifts will come in. There's gonna be one shift, then the next shift comes, and so on…. It's gonna be a beautiful thing. It's gonna be like a well-oiled machine.

It’s going to be so wonderful. The ministries that are going to rise up are gonna be so the Lord.  So many divine connections this season. It is gonna be phenomenal.  And so He said, look for these new things to come. “It's new things I'm doing among you, My people”. Evangelist going forth in a mighty way, its is gonna be all about, so many evangelists coming forth and the Word is going to be so strong to convict.


And He said, just walk holy. Try to stay as holy as you can, and separated and sanctified for Me. He is able to keep you from falling. You will finish. You will finish this well! You will finish well. I see this in Jesus' name. Yes and Amen. Selah!

(He that has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit of the Lord says to the church)

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Episode #10

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