Prepare Your Teachings for End Times

I received a word for the teachers on January 5, 2023. The Spirit of the Lord revealed that the teachers should really go forth and go forth strong! They should go back to the lengthy teaching series, teaching things which are needful for the times at hand. Create series based upon what’s needed in the times, to make up that area that lacks, when things preached from the pulpit are not relevant for the season that we are in or the season we are embarking upon.  


When ministers behind the pulpit are not teaching everything relevant to prepare the church for the future, ….that the teachers would arise and have their teaching series ready. Providing adequate teachings to really, really really, help the people of God stand, that being apologetics, that being eschatology, things that are going to combat when they stand against people of different religions, persecutions.  Even educate people on the history of the church, 1st century church, types of persecution, how they died, what they stood for that caused them to give up their life for Christ. What did it mean to be martyred? What is the martyr-mentality? What kinds of rewards will they receive? Teachers must prepare people for what’s to come, moreover, eschatology linking things to Israel, prophetic timeline, history of past revivals.  End-time teachings, things you see in Daniel, Revelation, and the rapture of the Church. 

RISE UP to teach what people really, really need to know in order to stand to face their adversaries.  When they are dealt with a life-death situation, that they will know how to stand, not just the milk of the word, but the meat of the word, so God is challenging the teachers to come forth right now, and allow Him to deposit in them fresh words out of his Word, but a fresh series, that really really going to help the men and women of God stand. And help that minister stand, and know that they are imparting something that the church needs and hasn’t had in a long time. Even men and women of God who rose up to deal with their adversaries, how did they do it? Deborah, Gideon, David, Jehoshaphat. Expound on the wisdom God gave them in the moment to deal with their adversaries.


Deal with the soon-coming and now-present, seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Challenge these ideologies with scripture backing and with the teaching & preaching against sin, how men love their darkness rather than light. Incorporate James 1, with sin’s conception and maturation, and how a little leaven leavens the whole lump. What is this great falling away?  What would cause people to fall away from Christ to a doctrine of a devil? The mark of the beast? What are beast-system technologies currently in place, and how does that correlate with passages in Daniel/Revelation?


God wants you to seek out books no longer in print to draw from for your teaching series.  I spoke about this in an earlier word, and God pressed upon my heart to repeat it.  He has books for you that are not found on the world wide web or anything that has been scanned in or uploaded.  He’s got hidden treasures for you in old bookstores, libraries and even estate sales/garage sales.  Places people wouldn't normally flock to find things.

The Lord went on to reveal, that those obedient to this word, will find themselves in position for their series to be found when the church hits that time of tribulation, that time of lack and uncertainty.  Their series will already be in place and they won’t be found floundering to prepare a quick teaching, reactionary teaching, at the moment. God will see to it that they receive rewards and are blessed for their obedience.

May the Lord continue to bless the teachers and grant them grace to complete His work, in Jesus mighty name! Amen.


This word is in conjunction with audio word in podcast format and video format for this date.

Link: https://youtu.be/1BP69x3xEH0

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