This word of wisdom is for the Pastors, as they will face many challenges ahead.  This prophetic word was received on January 5, 2023 with further unveiling to me until the 29th. This word is for Pastors who will find themselves, having cause to shut down their church building, close their doors and perhaps entertain the thought of ending their ministry.  

The Lord said there’s several categories of Pastors that this word is for.  If this does not at all pertain to you, then this word is not for you, so not to be concerned.  This word is for the following Pastors.

Pastors who: 

  1. Financially unable to continue to support their ministry
  2. Need to sit themselves down due to secret or open sin
  3. Those feeling a sense of burn out and may be deciding to leave ministry altogether
  4. Those who feel a strong call towards seeking the presence of God like nothing before and where the daily ministry responsibilities would get in the way of this pursuit.
  5. Pastors feeling isolated and not having support from other ministers in Christ or need more training
  6. Not having enough time with family


The Lord says there’s coming a time where pastors will be considering closing their doors due to low attendance, persecution, pestilence and external pressures as well as internal pressures.  But he says there's hope for you, and that He still needs your voice, He still needs your presence right where you are, and not to deviate from the call.  THE LORD STILL HAS NEED OF YOU. He is providing a word of wisdom today, a way of escape that you may be able to bear what’s to come.  

Father God wants you to share responsibility with 3 other men/women of God by preaching and pastoring only ¼ of the year.  The other ¾’s are to  seek His face and/or complete other pastoral duties,  He says this arrangement will ensure financial support for you in that you will share in the financial burden with 3 other men of God renting or purchasing a new building.  You may merge your congregations or vary service times, but YOUR main goal is to only minister 1/4th of the year, that you may spend the other time seeking My face, He says.

There will be other Pastors in the same predicament looking for a solution to the same problem.  This is one of the ways I will provide for you all, but also that you may support each other, pray with one another and bond in this difficult season.  

A dimly burning wick I will not extinguish.  Your light must still shine on that hill.


Next, there is a category of pastors who find themselves in open sin and covert sin who need a season to sit themselves down, receive from covering, and take time to repent sincerely before Me and not give haphazard prayers.  They are so distractible that they are unable to repent, so busy in their engagements that they are not addressing their “elephant in the room” they know they must deal with.  Many are putting it off, week after week, thinking it will be swept under the rug, but it will not be.  It will not be.  It will not be.

The Lord says, “you know better”, you know you are to pull away and sit yourself down, Some of you are not even ashamed to do so.  You want to sit yourself down, but you are dragging your feet actually putting in the necessary replacement for your work and ministry.  There are some where “you know better”, you know you had no business where you were or doing what you were doing, but nonetheless,  you need to repent because God is still ready to receive your prayers.  Come to the throne of grace and get right with him and allow His blood to wash your robe clean. 


The pastors who are sensing a time of burnout, come away with me to receive times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord.  Come away and worship, love on Me again, allow yourself time to receive an impartation from another man of God to either continue in your current position or seek me to work another place in the vineyard.  Like Elijah transferred his mantle to Elisha when he wanted to stop, I will allow you to do the same. But also, like Elijah is still not completely done fulfilling his call, you need not be done with your call, but only fulfill a new role in my kingdom if you are willing and able. (Isaiah 1:18-19)


Those pastors who are sensing an overwhelming desire to fast and pray, and your daily responsibilities appear to be getting in the way of this, know that I have placed this prayer burden on you.  Know that I have put out a clarion call, to sons and daughters of mine, who so desire to set aside earthly pleasures, leisure and even ministry endeavors to seek My face.  There is a special spiritual inheritance I’m seeking to give some, and some will carry my heart and intercede for nations, intercede for people groups and for revival.  They will carry an unusual burden to pray and fast, to wail and travail before me between the porch and the altar. (Joel 2:17) So much so, that family will wonder if there is something wrong with you, or question if you're going through a “mid-life crisis or experiencing hormonal changes”.  It will appear this way, though you are not.  You are carrying my heart for My purposes.  For this reason, you will enter into a partnership with others to only serve in ministry for ¼ year.


Next, there is a portion of pastors, even ministers, who find themselves isolated from other leaders in the body of Christ serving in a similar capacity like them.  They have not found their “tribe” or their “kindred spirit” and need and desire partnership to be strengthened in Christ.  They need support, not only financially, but emotionally in pressing toward the mark of the high call in Christ Jesus.  They desire a sense of camaraderie in the kingdom and have yet to fully experience this.  In this environment, iron will sharpen iron and they will come away with new habits and new practices, both practical/naturally and spiritually to successfully navigate their next season.  They will recruit new source of strength from Me to move forward.


There are some ministers who never received the requisite amount of training from the previous man or woman of God they were under.  They know their training was “rushed” or “incomplete” and now they find themselves out on the boat alone. They were pushed out of the nest prematurely and feel that they are not fully ready for the call placed before them.  Though they have relied on My grace to pull them through, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, they will still benefit from sitting under another ministry, another man of God who is farther along than you and receive an impartation of his anointing.  There is no shame in this, for I will bless your humility, and greatly reward you for this.  Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, submit yourselves one to another. For this is good. This time away will afford them more time to get before Me, learn and train to move onto the next level.

Paul / Timothy

Elizabeth was further ahead in her pregnancy than Mary….

For some, you may be gone for years…..Paul was in Arabia for 3 years. (Galatians 1:17-18)


Lastly, there are some who have neglected their families and this will afford them time to serve at home. Minister to wives, children, husband to make sure their needs are met.  They will teach at home and create family prayer altars, create bible study times where even friends, neighbors, children’s friends will desire to be a part of it. 

This word of wisdom is relevant for the times of tribulation coming, difficult times where one will consider whether to keep their church doors open or not.  Pray that God’s word remains unchained and that it will continue to bring forth fruit 100-fold!  Pray that men will not lose heart, but keep their confidence in Him knowing it has great recompense of reward if we faint not.  Understand that when things appear to be going dark, God always has a light in place to penetrate that darkness and a solution to every upcoming obstacle.


*This is in conjunction with video clip called, “As churches shut down”


Scripture References:

Genesis 13:10

Genesis 30

Heb. 10:36

Gal 1:17-18

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