On the 26th of December, as I prayed, I heard the word, “A new pestilence will emerge. And with this new pestilence, a perfect storm, a trifecta unleashed on this country and many others.” But for My people, I will make them resilient. 


God said, He is giving His people resilience.

I hear, “My grace is sufficient for thee.  For My power is made perfect in your weakness”.  “I am Who I am and I am your sufficiency” “Or am I or am I not?”


There will be: 


Health crises, 

Economic downturns, 

Increase in crime and murders, 

More unusual natural disasters. 


This word, I believe, will be an ongoing word with more unfolding and fleshing out of the details in the upcoming days, however this is the initial download I received from the Lord.


Due to the new pestilence unleashed on the land, this will result in a health crisis with more confusion and strange manifestations of the effects of this disease.  


Because of this, there will be a trickle-down effect of multiple complications arising from one or more tragedies simultaneously.  I see a domino-effect, and one tragedy occurring right after the other, just as even a domino, as it begins to fall, another domino falls before the first one prior to it, has hit the ground.  Woe.  Fear will hit the hearts of men again and with increased desperation, there will be more psychological breakdowns.

In lieu of all this, there will be subsequent economic shake-ups, downturns, upturns, confusion and an roller-coaster in the stock market.  Such confusion, will cause people to wonder on a daily basis whether they should buy or sell.  For the buyer, they will be looking for a low price or the lowest price for it only to go higher, and then when they purchase at a high price, it will suddenly drop low.

For those placing their trust in the arm of flesh, this will be a quite difficult season for them. 


Odd items will have an inflated price, some which were not ever inflated since decades ago. This will be a bell toll of the sign of the times.

There will be an increase in crime, murder and suicide attempts. Though this has gone on in years past, these will be of a more unusual nature demanding national news. Much sorrow awaits.  It is certainly funeral season. Comforting those who have lost love ones will become a daily occurrence. 


Lastly, there will be unusual natural disasters in diverse places.


My people must strive to keep blood on their doorposts, remain in Him, walk circumspectly, as the time is near and look above longing for His appearing. 




Then as I woke up on Christmas day, I heard “stock up and prepare like Joseph”. Use the time and resources we have now, to store away non-perishables for the rough years that are coming up.  To clear out our pantries of the things we do not need, but store them with things we will need.  So when more inflation occurs and food is in limited supply, we will have our items stored up because there are coming some dark days ahead, where we will be really glad we stored a stash in advance. (It will not be a literal 7 years of plenty vs. lack.  This is just the example from the bible.

  • Season of Plenty for the Season of Lack. 

(Ex. 7 years of plenty for the 7 years of lack).  Prepare for what’s coming.


Three whirlwinds emerge from the East that result in these things.  Once it lights upon the land, these things will manifest and they’ll be economic unrest. But not so for My people.  Not so for the remnant, overcomers, that follow after the spirit and not the flesh. 






There will be an intense separation in the body of Christ, not just due to those carnal vs. spiritual, but those who hold different ideologies and different interpretations as to what exactly is going on. Many will lose patience with each other and pursue the goal of being “right” vs. being “reconciled”.

In conjunction, My church will have an increase in division due to those falling into two different categories.  One group seeking the Lust of the Eye, Lust of the Flesh and the Boastful Pride of Life, then the second group seeking to walk in holiness, lay their lives down, sacrifice more for My presence and increase love in My church.  The love for the things of this world wax cold, but there will be an increase of love in the church amongst the brethren.  There will be kingdom connections.  Two different worlds, yet they will grow together.

Scripture References:

Hosea 2:8-13

1 John 1, 2

Romans 8

Psalm 37:25- I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

East Wind- Exodus 10:13, Jeremiah 18:17


Bell Toll- Tolling is the deliberate slow-ringing of a bell to elicit sorrow and show respect. While many bells are rung for joy, one tolls a bell for sorrow. Rendering Bell Honors is performed in a tradition known as the "ancient tolling method," a perfect complement to the beauty of military rites.

The funeral tolling of a bell is the technique of sounding a single bell very slowly, with a significant gap between strikes. It is used to mark the death of a person at a funeral or burial service.


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