As I was waking up on a particular Sunday morning, I heard the Spirit of the Lord speak “Cross Pollination” in my spirit over and over again.  I was being challenged to visit a new church I had never attended before, and it occurred to me that the Lord was using this instance to unveil to me what He was, not only doing with me, but doing with His church.  I asked the Lord, “Okay, what does this cross pollination entail”?  I’ve heard this concept shared and taught down through the years, but I wanted to know what the Lord was doing at this time.  What was the rhema word, the “Now” word for this occasion.  He said:


There’s going to be, this next season for the Five-fold Church Leaders, those called for End Time Harvest & Revival, Cross Pollination. Not just for country, churches, and those send to different cities, but assignments to people, meaning individuals.


God’s going to put together the most unlikely pair of people together to do ministry together.

The most unlikely pairings….


They’ll be young and old, those from different eras, where they will take from their experience in God and share with the other, and vice versa, yielding an even stronger body of Christ for this end-time revival, outpouring and reaping of harvest.  Iron will sharpen iron like never before.


The pairings will be so unusual, such, that people will question, is this really God?

Small groups with a peculiar mix of people, a motley mix, so-to-speak, where He is causing there to be an aligning of callings, an alignment of mantles, and an assignments for the advancement of His kingdom purposes in the earth. God is distributing new mantles to commission His work to move forward, along with fresh battle armor to withstand the onslaught from the kingdom of darkness which comes against this revival. He is building His holy army, with people of various backgrounds,  to test the hearts of the people and confuse the enemy, as this incognito effort goes forth.  Just as He sent Elijah to the widow of Zarepath, Naaman to seek healing from Elisha, Peter to Cornelius, God will exercise His sovereignty, as His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts.


In the past, He’s connected Ruth to Naomi and Ananias was sent to Saul, and with these examples, He’s calling us to know no man after the flesh, and pre-judge the person due to outside circumstances or even their past in these divine connections.  One never knows if they are entertaining angels unaware.  You must trust Me and follow My leadings and promptings.  You may be sent somewhere as a prophetic act, to be a witness to things to come, like Simeon and Anna.  Nothing I require of you is too small or insignificant.  It may seem insignificant in the eyes of men, but not to God.  Was it not ordered of God that Saul was present for Stephen’s martyrdom and that his clothes was placed at his feet? (Acts 7:58).  No, this was no mistake.  Though the heart of man plans his way, it is the Lord with establishes his steps (Prov. 16:9)  As some are sent, you are nonetheless doing My will by your obedience.  It is better to obey than to sacrifice.


As we race toward the end time revival and end-time harvest, we will have all things in common. There will be a bartering of gifts and talents and exchange.  Persecution will increase and like the early church, we will depend upon eachother, more and more as brother’s and sisters in Christ.  There should be “No schisms in the body”.

God is calling for unity & harmony!

This prophetic word, I received on August 7, 2022.

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