There is a battle for our affection
A battle for our affection towards God the Father
We must turn our face towards Him
For many
They have lost their first love
We have turned to idols 
It is time to repent
Turn our hearts back to the Father
We have placed our trust in the arm of flesh
In turn, consider our ways
Walked in the way of sinners
Put money in a bag with holes in it
Spent money on those things that were not bread
In turn, consider our ways
Our hearts have been lifted up in pride 
We’ve been insensitive 
Oh Lord, rain down Your righteousness on us!
We have not placed our ear on the breast of Christ
To hear His heartbeat
We must turn back and search for the highway of holiness. 
Only the hungry will find Him,
Only the poor in spirit will reach Him 
Only the holy will see Him
A lowly/humble and contrite heart He will not reject
Through much tribulation we enter the kingdom of heaven.
He’s put out a call to us:
 Arise, Come up higher, 
Come to the Marriage ceremony, 
Come to meet Me. 
Seek Me while I may be found, 
But we have not hearkened to His voice.  
We continue to play with our “toys”.  
Distracted from His presence.
Sinners and harlots are entering into the kingdom of heaven before the children of light.  
Those that appear “less converted” 
The desperation of their heart has yielded a sure foothold in the kingdom.
God has gone to the highways
The byways 
that His house may be full  
He is no respecter of persons.  
He’s convicting His children 
chastening His sons
That they may turn to Him
The flames are turned up 7x hotter to purify us
That after we have been processed we will come forth as gold.
This chastening is not pleasant but to join His end-time army
Lay aside the weights and sins which easily beset us 
Repent and turn
Search for the highway of holiness
Seek that heavenly city!
Seek that heavenly city whose builder and maker is God
For. I. am.
A Pilgrim in this town
A foreigner
And my citizenship is in heaven
I’ve sung the song of the Lord in a strange land.
The narrow way, even reach the gates
I must pass through
We’ve poured out our living into broken cisterns that can hold no water.
OH GOD, HEAL OUR BACKSLIDINGS for they are many!
We must find the narrow way, the Door, and search diligently for our King.
We must repent and turn back to Him, those who have lost their first love.
Our heart
Our affection
Our attention.
God is calling out in our garden (of Eden),
Once we abide in the vine
Attach ourselves to Him
Cling to Him
Become engrafted into the Vine
We must deal severely with our sin and cut it off.
Those things that bind us
Those things that hinder us
Cut off our sin and the weight which easily besets us.
Deal severely with our sin.
Pluck out our eye
Cut off our leg
Break off our arm
That which is causing us to sin
That which draws us away and entices us with our own lust.
Cut off the hook which is fastened to your mouth
Sever the tie
Remove the log from your eye
Detach yourself from that which holds your gaze
That which causes you to linger.
Deny becoming that salt pillar!
Fix your face like a flint towards Christ
Pitch your tent, not toward Sodom
But toward that city, whose builder and maker is God
The Son shines as light His brightness fills the land
King Jesus
Turn back My people
Leaders, distinguish between the holy and the profane
Then, and only then, can you be My spokesman
You have lost your distinction in Me
You have lost your peculiarity in Me
Your uniqueness
Examine your heart
Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith
Seek cleansing by the washing of the water of the Word
Purified through His blood
Serve Me with fastings and prayers
Kneel down
May your knees hit the altar
Lay prostrate before Me
That place which is designated for holy ground.
Put a guard around it.
Guard & Protect it
That sacred Altar
Designated for holiness
Where your flesh comes to die.
For your life is hidden in Christ with God 
That life that now appears is Christs’ resurrection power living through me.
Always ready to set the captive free
Always ready to dispense wisdom to save souls
Always ready to endure the fire and not be burned.
Ready to abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
Come to Me those who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest for your souls
My yoke is easy and burden is light
I will keep you in perfect peace 
whose eyes are stayed on Me
Because He trusts in thee.
For Wisdom calls from the streets
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of it,
Therefore, set your affection on those things which are above
Let your heart be laid bare
Esteem Him
Lay aside your idols little children
Hold back lip service
Give Him your whole heart
One hundred percent beaming
One He can strongly support
Let your words be few
Your wisdom peaceable
Your words filled with grace
He is our all in all….
He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to His church.
6/14/22 - Prophetic Poem, “To Whom Does My Affection Belong?”  
by Tiffany Parr Ⓒ Copyright 2022
Poem corresponding to word of exhortation “The Battle For Our Affection”  by Tiffany Parr
Ⓒ Copyright 2022

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