Let me not neglect

The love I have for You

You are the centrality of my life

To have Lordship and dominion

To be my Lover and my protection

Jesus, I love You

Let me not neglect You

Let me not turn away from Your bidding

Your tugging

Your desire for sweet attention

For only I can give You love

In a special way that comes from inside of me

{No one can meet Your need as I can}

Because You’ve made me unique

Your precious possession

To be cherished


And loved

When You call

Let me not turn away

When you bid

Let me not look the other way

I see in Your eyes

A tenderness

A soft desire for me

I see Your nail prints in Your hands

And in Your feet

The sacrifice You’ve made for me

Once again

For real this time

I truly see the love that You individually had

Just for me

Dying on the cross

Let me not lose my focus on You

Let Your vision not become a blur in my eyes

Neither let my eyes become dim

For I want to see You

In all Your nakedness

I am not ashamed

In Your uncovered state

King Jesus

Wearing the crown of thorns upon Your head

Your vision to us marred

Yet, You are so important

Let not one vain thing take Your place

Neither let one meaningless item

Or futile task 

Replace the position You have on top of my heart

You are preeminent

For You are my all in all

I pray I never forget

Or get distracted

From the Vision of Perfection

I am beholding right in front of me


My Lover and my King

My Lord


Written May 28, 1999 ~ Poetry by Tiffany M. Parr ⓒ 2020

Photo credit: Picture from the series, "The Chosen".

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