The Mute Speak

Word for the Prophets issued on July 2, 2022

The Spirit of the Lord was giving me a word for the prophets on July 2, 2022.  The Lord opened the scriptures to me which state that there were prophets who were like dumb dogs that cannot bark, and they were blind and just could not see. And that today God is opening up their mouths, He is touching their mouths.  That for whatever reason their mouths were shut, whether it be for sin or disobedience, complacency,  just not being in the will of God or being out of the timing of God. But TODAY He was going to touch their mouths, He is putting a piece of coal on their mouth, He is touching it, so that they can begin to speak again, speak for Him.

Many of them have been in their night season, but now they are coming into the day, and He said work while it is still day.  He said your night season is over! And now it's time to go ahead and work, and He’s going to give you fresh revelation and fresh Words, and open up your eyes so you can see in the spirit.  Some of you have the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, He’s going to continue to give you those words in greater measure, in greater grace, as you obey Him, and He’s also going to give people greater tongues, that the tongues that they speak in their prayer life, in their prayer time, is going to expand, He’s going to, that in the touching of their mouths, He’s going to give them greater word, as fire, to Him as they submit themselves to Him, as they minister to Him, as they build themselves up in their most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.

And I also see, people given gifts of interpretation of tongues, that God is going to begin to open up that gift again stronger, that many of you, they way you’ll know you have it, and that God is giving it to you is, you’ll hear people speak in tongues, and then you’ll hear and receive the interpretation of tongues immediately afterward. God will show you something afterword, and you’ll just know this is the interpretation of that tongue. And so, whenever you begin to experience this, He’s going to allow you to practice that so you can go forth in it. And be confident in it in going forth in it, and know that it is Him leading and guiding you, touching you, opening up your understanding.

And so today I just want to pray for the prophets, I pray that they…I lift up the prophets today that God You would open up the eyes of their understanding, that wherever there is sin in their life, they would repent right now in the name of Jesus, wherever there is sin, You would just blot it out, as they repent, from the east to the west their sin is no longer seen as it is blotted out by the blood of the lamb.  That they would go forth in a clear conscience, that they would go and sin no more.  That their ear gates would be cleared out, that their eye gates would be cleaned out, and that they would begin to hear, thus saith the Lord and that they would see like never before, and their dream life would be opened up again, that they would dream again.  And that You would just minister to them even in their dreams.  I pray this in the name of Jesus! 

I also pray for healing, divine healing, that wherever they have been broken in their spirit, either by church hurt, relationship, disappointment, that they would just give that to You, that they would cast all their care upon You, for you care for them.  You care for them.  And I just hear the Lord right now saying to rest, just to put it at His feet, to lay your burdens on the altar, to enter into My rest.  To leave it at the altar and He will take care of them.  That He will answer those prayers when the timing is right, in His timing, but you want it in your timing.  He sees the cry of your heart, He knows that you are crying out for things, that you want to see the manifestation of those things now, in your time, but it is in God’s timetable, that these things will be manifested.  And so He saying, Lay it down! Lay down these burdens, Lay them at the altar, lay them at My feet and trust Me and see what I will do with these things, see How I will answer, see what I will do! See how I will answer your prayers.  

All of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scripture reference:

Isaiah 56:10
Isaiah 6:5-9
Psalm 51:17
St. John 9:4
1 Corinthians 12:8-12
1 Corinthians 14:7-8
Matthew 11:28
Jude 20



Dumb/Mute- speechless, unable to speak

Deaf- unable to hear

Blind- unable to see, oblivious, ignorant, without knowledge

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